Museum of Portuguese Jewish History

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Loja Judaica de Portugal

Started in 2007 with the launch of the Hebrew Bible (Tanach) in Portuguese, by a partner of Sefer Publishing House and Bookstore in Brazil, this online bookstore was created to address the lack of Jewish literature in Portuguese language on the Old Continent.

Sepharad Kosher Wines

The vineyards and wine production of Adega Cooperativa da Covilhã have ancestral roots in the region dating to 1224. In 2004, the vineyard launched the 1st Portuguese Kosher wine made in collaboration with the Jewish community based in the town of Belmont.

Adega Cooperativa da Covilhã

Quinta das Poldras

6200-165 Covilhã, Portugal

Tel: 275 330 750, or 91 679 05 55

Real Companhia Velha

The Royal Wine Company is the first producer of kosher Port Wine in the world, founded in 1756. They use grapes grown in the DOC protected Upper Douro Valley at the Quinta do Brunheda vineyard. This is the oldest Demarcated Wine Region in the world. Their Kosher Port Wine was first produced in 1848.

Quinta da Brunheda

Pinhal do Norte, 5140-203 Carrazeda de Anse

Tel: 278 669 145

GPS: 41.328486, -7.3423

Braz & Irmão, Lda won top honors as one of the best 11 cheeses in Portugal at the 2010 AveiroExpo. The first kosher cheeses in the Iberian Peninsula since 1496.

Rua da Barromceira

6200-591 Peraboa, Portugal

Tel: 275 470 000

The Côa Valley river of northeastern Portugal is a region of extensive olive groves, where almond trees and vineyards extend from the Douro river, and help create a lush vegatation that makes for creamy and savory styles of sheep cheese.

Malhada Sorda, 6430-071

Almeida Malhada sorda Concelho

Tel. 963 663 478, or  918289870


Free of any preservatives and dyes, the House of Prisca preserves, jams and compotes are traditional, providing consumers with a natural product that has the taste of real fruit and respect for people and land where it is made.

Casa Prisca

Avenida das Indústrias

6420-076 Transcoso, Portugal

Tel: 271 811 196

Kipas from Cooperativa Beloficios

A result of the Rural Embroidery Solidarity Movement of Belmonte, where Anusim survived in secret for over 400 years. This cooperative of arts and crafts, embroidery produces timeless and unique pieces on linen using skills that have been preserved for generations.

Cooperativa Beloficios

Rua 1.º de Maio, 14

6250-035 Belmonte, Portugal

Tel: 275088224

Producer of mellow and fruity olive oil from the northern Beira region.

Zona Industrial, 6090-909 Penamacor, Portugal

Tel: 277 390 050

Casa de Sefarad

Opened in 2008 in the heart of the Judería of Cordoba, Spain, and once connected by an underground tunnel to the Synagogue. This is a small, beautiful museum devoted to the Sephardic-Judaic-Spanish tradition. Here you will find music, books, and handmade Judaica from Spain.

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